Now, I will talk about other dish of Chinese cuisine – Baozi (包子). They are steamed buns filled with different mixture. Essentially, fillings are made from meat, spices, mushrooms and thinly chopped cabbage, but sometimes steam buns are made from various vegetarian and seafood fillings.Image result for baozi It’s a bit looks like the Georgian traditional meat dumplings – Khinkali (ხინკალი). Difference between these two traditional food is fillings (when we prepare khinkali we do not add cabbage and mushrooms with meat), but what both of them have in common is that the juices of the meat are trapped inside of it. Image result for ხინკალი In China, baozi is most commonly eaten for a breakfast with sesame oil, conger (it is rice porridge and the main ingredients are rice and water), worm soy milk, garlic paste and other flavorings.Image result for baozi

Baozi like other dishes of china has history. According to legend, they were invented during the Three Kingdom period (AD 220–280) by Zhuge Liang who was Chinese scholar and strategist. Other legend say that Mongols brought the form from the Turkic court to China in the Yuan Dynasty.Image result for baozi

In China these buns are very popular and widely available. Everyone can prepare this delicious bun at home. It takes some time, but the result will be surprised everyone and all members of family will be satisfied.