Chinese street food


If you are a great food lover you must visit street food areas in China. Chinese street food are different from ordinary meals. Frequently, that food are more delicious and cooks faster than dishes in restaurant. As we know, Chinese have very busy schedule and that way of eating is very popular and convenient there.

In those streets are many stalls where vendors make diverse dishes such as baozi (steamed buns with different fillings: meat, mushrooms, cabbage and etc.), different kinds of Chinese spice noodles (with all kinds of meat, prawns, mushrooms, plural greens, tomatoes), and many other things. You can also checkout different traditional foods. In addition, street foods include Chinese Kebabs (chuans’r 串 meats and vegetables are used to prepare kebabs), Cifantuan or Ci Faan (it is fried dough with glutinous rice), Chinese version of American hamburger- Rou Ji Mo, Bing Tanghulu (candied hawthorns covered with many coats of sugar syrup and skewered onto long thin sticks). It is a short list of dishes which you can taste in the streets of China.

So, if you visit China you do not miss a chance to checkout those unusual meals. You will enjoy with exotic taste of Chinese traditional foods. They are very delicious and extraordinary.


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