[:en]Chips, fizzy drinks and jellies to be restricted in Tbilisi schools[:]


The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has devised recommendations aimed at implementing principles of healthy eating in educational centers. According to the recommendations, junk food such as chips, snacks, jelly bones, candies, chocolate and fizzy drinks (except carbonated water) will not be sold in the school cafeterias.

As the ministry reports, they are starting improving and regulating the situation in school cafeterias.

“This problem has been unsolved for years. Junk food has been available to the pupils, that as the specialists say, has a negative effect on the kids’ health. The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia devised recommendations in order to implement health nutrition at schools. Organic and healthy food would help pupils to concentrate on the lesson as well as learn the materials easily. The recommendation was approved by the Ministry of Health as well”, – The statement of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia reads.

As reported, within the framework of the initiative, the ministry will launch active campaigns involving students.







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