[:en]Deepening business cooperation with the Chinese side[:]


International Black Sea University (“IBSU”) and Univesity of International Business and Economics (“UIBE”) signed Cooperation Agreement concerning the establishment of the Sino-Georgian Competence Center (“SGCC”). Partner universities jointly constitute the SGCC platform with a mission to develop research projects and support the development of the academic relationships, including joint conferences and diverse projects, between Georgia and China. Furthermore, SGCC activities around the agreed themes aim to strengthen research, education, public eye and business and policy support. Center will start planning and working on the initial research projects, such as: The China-Georgia FTA (Free-Trade Agreement), Innovation, Green Economy and Sustainability, Finance, Investment trends and etc. Besides, in terms of education, SGCC plans to develop executive education and university courses, such as “Doing Business in China for Georgian Firms”, “Doing Business in Georgia for Chinese firms” and “Sino-Georgian FTA”.This is very important day for IBSU and Georgia. We have established Sino-Georgia Competence Center in the framework of Belt and Road world forum held in Beijing with University of International Business and Economics. This initiation is supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education.







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