[:en]EXPREAD Platform aims to reshape the conventional infrastructure for Crypto Currency Trading[:]


EXPREAD platform (expread.io), incorporating Blockchain-based solutions, proposes to completely change the way cryptocurrency exchanges are opened and operated, making it easy for new crypto currency exchanges to be established as well as allows already operating ones that are facing liquidity and security problems to join the platform. The start-up has already generated much buzz among the cryptocurrency investors in Asia. The team has been actively engaged in presenting their project to the broader audience of Blockchain technology enthusiasts. Recent engagements include Blockchain Summit in Macau, China and Blockchain Symposium in Korea. Next stop for the team is Chicago, where on 9th of February Expread team will be presenting their innovative model along with already well-established projects on the market.

The CEO of Expread platform, Leo Liu explains, “Expread platform is built on a proposition of shared economy, where multiple exchanges aggregate their liquidity, technology costs and unique expertise to achieve synergy value from network effect. We have an experienced team with solid technical, financial and legal background. The concept of Expread has been initiated in July 2016. The technical and governance features of our platform are designed in a way to incorporate and adapt to the rapidly growing needs of the crypto market.”

Tamar Menteshashvili, the co-founder of Expread, also added, “Currently the lack of liquidity is one of the major problems underpinning the crypto-exchange market. The segregation of the liquidity between different exchanges, inefficiency of the exchange interaction protocols and lack of the liquidity aggregators creates systemic liquidity challenge in the whole crypto industry hampering its fast and sustainable development. Expread aims to tackle this problem by introducing a new paradigm of operating exchanges.”

It seems that the innovative model of Expread Platform challenges the conventional practices in the market. The introduced model of trading can become a strong alternative to the current exchanges with the highest volumes of trading. The combination of shared economy model with new governance mechanisms, collective control of liquidity pools, backward auditability, cross settlement of book orders enlarges the potential magnitude of the trading in though the platform.

We have asked the Expread team to keep us updated about the new achievements and we are looking forward to tell our readers more details on this project in the upcoming weeks. Before that you can join Expread Global Community telegram group and directly interact with the team members. The whitepaper is also available on their official webpage.


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