[:en]Georgian candy – Churchkhela[:]


Churchkhela is a type of Georgian candy, shaped like a candle made from natural grape juice hazel-nut or other nuts inside it. Churchkhela is a homemade Georgian product. This candy is usually prepared in autumn when the primary ingredients, grapes and nuts, are harvested and then served for Christmas holidays. Churchkhela is extremely delicious and energizing. It is a well-known fact that Georgian soldiers used to consume them when they went to the battle. It is very delicious and nutritious and often called the Georgian „Snickers“ in China!

Churchkhela is also served as a dessert during the New Year and Christmas celebrations, but for other times it is just a snack. It is the one of the main meals of New year and Christmas table.
It is a string of walnut halves that have been dipped in grape juice called Tatara or Phelamushi (grape juice thickened with flour), and dried in the sun. No sugar is added to make real Churchkhela. Instead of walnuts, sometimes nuts or almonds are used in the regions of west Georgia. The shape of Churchkhela looks like a candle, but some people say it looks like a sausage. Georgian warriors carried Churchkhelas with them because they contain many calories. The best Churchkhela is made in Kakheti region, which is renowned as the motherland of wine.
Beside that churchkhela is very healthy. Tatara is rich in potassium and helps the heart muscle, while the nuts have a beneficial effect on the bone marrow and the spleen. In addition, nuts have been recognized by scientists as the best “medicine” for the brain. Also, Tatara, which is made from grape juice, is a natural cure for insomnia.
If you want to taste this unusual product you just need to visit grocery and sweets shops. Also you can buy them in tourist places. So it is available for everyone to checkup churchkhela.






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