[:en]Interview with SINOMEDIA: The Chinese dean of Confucius Institute at Free University of Tbilisi, Che Rushan[:]




    Guest: The Chinese dean of Confucius Institute at Free University of Tbilisi, Che Rushan

    Please Introduce yourself… 

    – I’m a professor from Lanzhou University,have been  working in Tbilisi for two years as the Chinese dean of the Confucius Institutes at Free University of Tbilisi.

    Your Hometown…

    – I was born in Ningxia Hui autonomous region which is in the west of China. Ningxia is also an important place in Chinese history. Here had been established the Western Xia Dynasty. My hometown is a plain of the Yellow River which is called the Mother River in China. There is an old saying that The Yellow River Nurtured Ningxia with vitality.

    Your Dream…

    – I studied English linguistics for bachelor degree,Pedagogy for master degree and PhD. As a Professor and the Director of Confucius Institute,my dream is to communicate with people from around the world,share the thoughts of Chinese people. I also dream about world peace and harmony. That is also the goal and responsibility of Confucius Institute.

    Impression of Georgia…

    – Georgia is full of beautiful natural scenery with a long cultural history. People are friendly and hospitable, respect the traditions and have a lot in common with Chinese People. Men are gentle and women are pretty. It is a great place to live with high level of civilization. In addition, Georgians pay attention to family values.

    Favorite Georgian words…

    – My Favorite Georgian word is “Ho” which means “Yes”,it’s a bit like Chinese “Hao”(Good), another favorite word in Georgian is “Gamarjoba” or “Gaumarjos”, which is used during Greeting and toasts. The longest Georgian word I remember is “Tavisuflebis Moedani” (“Liberty Square”) in Georgian. I feel great in Georgia.