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 Tbilisi: For the first time Georgia hosted the Global Business Forum. The event was organized by “Union of Business Ladies” and was attended by representatives of governmental, non-governmental and private sectors. The delegates of 17 countries, including Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Greece, India, Czech Republic, United Nations, Turkey, China and the United States attended the forum. The main goal of the forum was to promote the activities of women entrepreneurs and actively engage in the economy of their country. Speakers shared their experience to the guests. They covered topics such as the resource and potential of Georgian trade market, the latest entrepreneurial trends, the strengthening of the country’s economy and the role of women in business. The second part of the forum was master classes. The final part of the forum was Q&A part.

One of the spokespersons from China, Jessica Lam said in an interview with Sinomedia:

 I think it is really important to have this forum, as a women entrepreneur the more support you can get from both government and from other business woman is very important to entrepreneurship.

 This forum has  a very good model its share, connect and grow I believe and that is actually same mentality that I have when It comes to starting a company, because without your networks, without kind of having shared understanding of where you want to be and  through your 5 years company  you can not make a successful company, you need to have that vision and you need to be able communicate that. My key of success is actually perseverance and right support because there obviously will be days where you feel like “Oh Yes I can do that!” and there is going to be days where you are like “oh, no, what am I doing!” and that is when you need to have that support and that is what I think this conference is able to do, to connect these women who are able to  support each other  and to cheer each other on to greater heights. “ – Jessica Lam spoke about her business in the interview and gave advice to the Start-uppers.

Co-Founder of Kaiterra, She Loves Tech Global Ambassador, recognized on the Forbes “30 Under 30 Asia 2017 list”; Currently lives in Beijing, China. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Jessica moved to Beijing in 2014 and co-founded Kaiterra: a startup focused on monitoring and mapping the world’s air. In the past two years, Kaiterra has experienced over 500% year-on-year growth and its Laser Egg smart air quality monitor is for sale in all the Apple Stores across China.

“China is fantastic because of not only for its population, but for the youth, the young people in China are very, very motivated to get more stuff done and to do more and so I think that it is one of the main reasons why I love living there.”

 “Air quality is a major reason our business is related to air quality monitoring and mapping and giving China and India being both huge population  and also having some issues with air quality, we thought that it was a great place to start. If you are interested in China, learn Chinese it hands down the most important  thing that I have had to adapt  to. There are many, many foreigners  starting businesses in China and I hope  that Language  is a barrier, just go get yourself familiar with the community,  it is very open, there are a lot of people who are interested in bringing  business to China, so don’t hesitate, just jump in.”







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