[:en]New laurel processing factory opens in western Georgia[:]


A brand-new laurel processing factory has opened in Georgia’s western region of Imereli.

The Georgian Laurel factory has been built within the framework of the United Agro Project. A total of $597,482 has been invested in the factory including $239,000 of state co-financing.

53 people are employed in the new factory, and the laurel leaves will be sold on foreign markets. Photo by APMA

Eight agricultural programs were united under United Agro Project and aimed to make it easier for farmers to identify what programs they could best benefit from. These are:

  • Plant the Future
  • Preferential Agro Credit Project
  • Co-financing of Agro Processing and Storage Enterprises
  • Georgian Tea Plantation Rehabilitation Program
  • Agro Insurance
  • Small Farmers Spring Works Support Programme
  • Program of Agro -production Promotion
  • Seasonal Projects

The new factory is located in Vani in Imereti region produces 236 tons of local laurel leafs per year.

165 new and 750 old factories have been financed within United Agro Project since 2013. In total, 8 new factories have been opened in Imereti region and 75 – expanded.


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