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  • [:en]Georgian grape varieties to be planted in China[:]

    [:en]Georgian grape varieties to be planted in China[:]

    [:en]Unique Georgian grape varieties will be planted in China’s province of Ningxia that will raise awareness about Georgian grape varieties in the country. For this reason a delegation from Ningxia is visiting Georgia’s wine region of Kakheti to learn more about Georgian winemaking traditions. They also visited different wine producing companies in Kakheti and were […]

  • [:en]Innovative Reforms to Increase Education Quality in Georgia[:]

    [:en]Innovative Reforms to Increase Education Quality in Georgia[:]

    [:en] The four stage reform plan initiated by the Government of Georgia foresees education as one of its top priorities, meaning revolutionary changes to be applied in the secondary, higher, science and professional education spheres. The reforms to be realized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia are set within both short and […]

  • [:en]China samples Georgian wine at influential food and drinks fair[:]

    [:en]China samples Georgian wine at influential food and drinks fair[:]

    [:en] Georgia, a country famous for its rich wine-making history and traditions, is steadily gaining recognition in China. This week 27 Georgian wine companies participated in the 96th China Food & Drinks Fair, which was held in the city of Sichuan province, Chengdu, China. Georgian wines were greatly appreciated at the fair. Representatives of Georgian […]

  • [:en]Georgia-EU visa-free travel takes effect[:]

    [:en]Georgia-EU visa-free travel takes effect[:]

    [:en] Visa-free travel for Georgian citizens with the EU has already taken effect. Those having biometric passports will enjoy visa-free travel in Schengen countries for 90 days in an 180-day period. Visa-free travel implies free travel in the Schengen zone that includes 22 EU member countries, as well as 4 non-member countries and 4 Schengen-candidate […]

  • [:en]Chinese street food[:]

    [:en]Chinese street food[:]

    [:en] If you are a great food lover you must visit street food areas in China. Chinese street food are different from ordinary meals. Frequently, that food are more delicious and cooks faster than dishes in restaurant. As we know, Chinese have very busy schedule and that way of eating is very popular and convenient […]

  • [:en]Georgian Sour milk – Matsoni[:]

    [:en]Georgian Sour milk – Matsoni[:]

    [:en] Matsoni (მაწონი) is delicious Georgian traditional product. In general, it is made from cow’s milk, but also we use sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, buffalo’s milk or mix of them. Matsoni is the easiest homemade health food. It is very similar to yogurt. Everything you must to do is to boil a milk, mix hot […]

  • [:en]Chinese steamed buns – Baozi[:]

    [:en]Chinese steamed buns – Baozi[:]

    [:en] Now, I will talk about other dish of Chinese cuisine – Baozi (包子). They are steamed buns filled with different mixture. Essentially, fillings are made from meat, spices, mushrooms and thinly chopped cabbage, but sometimes steam buns are made from various vegetarian and seafood fillings. It’s a bit looks like the Georgian traditional meat […]

  • [:en]Tangyuan – delicious Chinese dessert[:]

    [:en]Tangyuan – delicious Chinese dessert[:]

    [:en] Now I want to introduce traditional Chinese dessert Tangyuan. It is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and after that  they are cooked and served in boiling water. These balls can be filled with various ingredients such as: red bean and chocolate paste, fruit preserves, […]

  • [:en]Georgian candy – Churchkhela[:]

    [:en]Georgian candy – Churchkhela[:]

    [:en] Churchkhela is a type of Georgian candy, shaped like a candle made from natural grape juice hazel-nut or other nuts inside it. Churchkhela is a homemade Georgian product. This candy is usually prepared in autumn when the primary ingredients, grapes and nuts, are harvested and then served for Christmas holidays. Churchkhela is extremely delicious […]

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