[:en]Palace Museum begins restoration of Hall of Mental Cultivation[:]


With the rising popularity of Chinese historical dramas The Story of Yanxi Palace and Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, learning more about palace life in ancient China has become extremely trendy among young people in China.

“Look at the visitors outside ‘The Hall of Mental Cultivation’ exhibition, we have to stand in two rows to line up,” netizen Lu Xi posted on Sina Weibo along with a picture of the long line of people waiting to see the Capital Museum’s exhibition about the famous hall in the Forbidden City that once acted as a work and living space for numerous emperors.

The Capital Museum is not the only place to feature an exhibition about the hall, museums elsewhere in Beijing and other cities such as Nanjing and Hong Kong are also holding exhibitions introducing The Hall of Mental Cultivation, or Yangxin Dian in Chinese, which is currently undergoing renovation.[:]






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