[:en]Tourism Development Budget to Increase in Adjara[:]


The Adjara tourism development and promotion budget may increase by 1.116.200 GEL (+ 15%)next year in order to facilitate tourism development and improve quality of service in the region.

A total of 8.557.800 GEL is planned to be spent on the implementation of tourism development programs in Adjara in 2018.

This year currently, the budget of the department is 7.441.800 GEL.

The discussions over the 2018 tourism development budget will be held today. The meeting will be attended by members of the Regional Advisory Board of Tourism, representatives of NGOs and governmental structures.

In 2018 around 6.094.700 GEL will be spent on advertising and PR campaigns in order to attract local and foreign tourists in Adjara.

The increase of the advertising budget planned for next year is 929.700 GEL (+ 18%).

5.594.700 GEL will be spent for advertising the country’s tourism opportunities in 16 target countries. Wile 500.000 Gel will be spent on advertising in Georgia.

The Department will spend 195.000 GEL to improve tourism services in the region in 2018.

The projects “Tourism Development School”, “Recommended by Tourism Department” and “Magnolia 2018”, which is an award for the best tourist services, will also continue next year.

A new project will be launched from 2018-“Mysterious Guest”, which will establish the level of service quality in Adjara.

In 2018, the department will also study foreign tourists in Adjara and determine the level of their satisfaction or problems. 275.000 GEL will be allocated from the budget for these studies.

The Department will also spend 517.000 GEL for development of tourism products and routes of mountainous Adjara in 2018.

The Agency will also host the Village Tourism and Bird Festival the next year, and will organize the special opening of the tourist season.







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