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The feng shui way of looking at the world, gives you a set of important tools that can be applied in very practical ways. This begins with a very important aspect of your life, the place where you live. Of course, as I mentioned before classical feng shui is a very complex subject and involves a lot of formulas, compass reading, observation, floor-plans, google earth picture of the place and much more. What we are talking about now are very simple and down to earth tips that everyone is able to use.

Let me start with an interesting part now. To a feng shui practitioner, the first thing to consider is the impact of the actual location. We say location, location, location. It is very important the location of your house, what is it around the house and also the neighbourhood area. In fact, we’re looking for beautiful mountains, rivers, sea, ponds, lakes. You may ask why that is so important. These features are considered very positive in feng shui. There are other elements to it, but that would be a very advance knowledge and requires studying professionally. What you need to do at this stage is just to remember that those features are auspicious.