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Feng Shui – The literal meaning of the words are “Wind and Water” the two fundamental forms of life’s energy. They symbolize manifestations of the movement of energy. Once we begin to see our world in this way, we can look at our environment in a completely different way. At least 7000 years ago and probably even earlier Feng Shui practitioners could identify the ways in which the nature energy around them behaved and how it affected them. Classical or traditional Feng Shui is a very complex subject which involves a lot of studying, research, floorplan analysis of the buildings, Chinese compass Luo pan, observation of surroundings and lots of formulas. At the same time there are lots of simple techniques, tips and useful information that everyone can apply in their everyday life.
It’s all about yin and yang, or we can say big and small, bright and dark, female or male, sweet or sour and so on… When we use Feng Shui, we work with three energies, and we call it chi, in Chinese they say “qi” in English we say “chi”.
Heaven chi, Human chi and Earth chi.
Heaven chi is what we are given at birth- the family we are born into, the place we are born, ability or disability, talents, appearance, everything that we cannot change.
Human chi is your choice, the way you look at your life, the way you deal with everyday tasks-everything that can be changed by you.
Earth chi is the place you live, place you work or spend most of the time of your life. If the place is good you will do well in life and if the place is negative you will struggle to achieve anything in life, but that can be improved with Feng Shui.
If you look at the picture. Heaven created that particular plant, no one can change the structure, that is heaven chi. Good soil, earth, nurtured it and it turned into a beautiful plant, if the soil was bad the plant would suffer, the same with us if we have good Feng Shui at our work place or at home we will thrive. People choose to keep the plant in the water in order to keep it alive and flourish …..the same with our life, we make choices and improve our life.
Is not it fascinating that we actually can change most of the things in our life, basically almost everything apart from heaven luck. We can say that 66% of our life is in our control. That is why having a knowledge of Feng Shui plus determination you can really improve your life. Let me quickly touch on very simple examples in this brief introduction to Feng Shui.
Did you know that in order to have a very good and prosperous business, you always have to sit in your office with your back toward a solid wall? Did you know when you are buying a house it is always good if it is next to the water feature, lake, sea, river? Did you know that if the right side of the house is higher than the left it means the woman of the house will do better in life then the man? Did you know that South West area of your house is one of the places in your home which holds the energy of love?
There is so much more to Feng Shui than meets the eye. Stay tuned and keep checking us weekly, we are coming with very interesting and practical suggestions for everyone.


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