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Southwest area of your home is responsible for your relationship. Take the floor plan of your house and find where the southwest area is.What room is in that area,is it a study, toilet, living room or sitting room….. 

All your relationship to others are mirrored in this area-your relationship with your partner, with colleagues, business partners and neighbours. If this area is cluttered or has dead plants, you should immediately devote some additional attention to your interpersonal contacts.

The shortcut to find the southwest area.Take your floor plan and divide on nine grid and the box in the southwest is your relationship area.This is a very quick and simple way to do it for those who want to experiment with very simple feng shui technique. 

The formula for activating the southwest area can be applied to the home as a whole or simply just the area in the southwest sector.To enhance the relationship corner always keep ornaments in pairs to symbolise togetherness.

If you are single and can not find the right relationship for a very long time, look at your home,perhaps you have too many pictures of single people in your home.

Do not have an aquarium or basin in your bedroom.

Do not use real flowers in your bedroom as they considered too yang energy and not good for bedrooms but you can place a picture of flowers in the bedroom.

You can place real roses or peony flowers in the southwest sectors as they symbolise  romance.

If you have a living room in the southwest area of your house, you can place a light and keep it on as it will “produce earth element’’ which is good for the southwest sector.

Sometimes a relationship which has gone well for a long period hits difficulties. Look and see what has changed – especially if you have just moved into a new house as you may need to make some adjustments in your new property to restore the balance.

Inessa Liang Cunningham

( Feng Shui expert and specialist in Chinese astrology)


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