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[:en]The firsts achieved under Belt and Road Initiative[:]


This is the first return leg of the train after it reached London in January. It took the train packed with commodities of European countries 19 days to cover 12,451 kilometers from London to the eastern coastal city of Yiwu.

The bank is the first Chinese-funded enterprise to obtain banking license on the African continent. It is also the first joint venture bank in Djibouti.

Opened to traffic in October 2016, the railway, the first one-of-a-kind electrified line in East Africa, was the first railway Chinese enterprises built overseas with only Chinese standard and Chinese equipment.

As China’s first direct international freight train, it is the only direct channel leading to the China-Balerus Industrial Park.

The line, the first built by Chinese railway construction enterprises in Central Africa, is also the first project started and completed within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The project is the first successful contracted project on both countries’ capacity cooperation.

The railway is the first to be built by Chinese enterprises in Europe.

The contract marked the first milestone of Chinese bullet trains’ step to enter the global market.

The cooperation base marked the official launch of the first physical platform of the Silk Road Economic Belt.


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