If you want to visit one of the most marvelous places of Georgia you must take a trip in Tusheti (თუშეთი). This amazing region is located in northeastern part of Georgia and bordered by the Georgian historic provinces Kakheti and Pshav-Khevsureti and also by Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan. It is the the area of great history, specific traditions, wonderful nature and unique architect.

Tusheti has a long history. It counts many years. There are not many notifications in Georgian historical sources about this region. But archaeologists have found some materials which confirms the fact about Tusheti settlement since ancient times: Bronze and Iron ages. Also there are some chapels which have been built many centuries ago. They are bounded by fences and branches, because only some part of population are allowed to get close to those chapels. People from Tusheti strictly fulfill their traditions. Local population have specific religious rituals where women are not permitted to be. In august they boil a beer on a holiday “Giorgoba” (გიორგობა). They make different dishes and this celebration lasts for a week. The nature in Tusheti is unusual. Breathtaking views and historical stone building towers will surprised everyone.

At last, I want to say something about my experience. I have been in Tusheti and I say everybody that it is the one of the most beautiful and fascinating places of Georgia. When I was there I felt like I was travelling in the past. We were travelling approximately 3 hours through the mountains and finally reached a village Shenaqo.  Nature was unforgettable. This road and big mountains surprised me and I was thinking all time how people had been lived there and why they chose that difficult way to live. People there are very hospitable with great sense of humor. They have characteristic dialect which makes that place more attractive. It was fantastic.Image result for tusheti