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Most of us spend at least one-third of our lives in our bedrooms and most of that time we are asleep. This part of our lives is extremely important to us and when we are asleep we are the most vulnerable. Our bedroom serves us not only as a place of privacy, it is also a refuge. We can “sleep” on our problems, curl up, turning away from the stress of the daytime. If these precious hours of sleep are disturbed, we all know the dreadful price we pay. If the bedroom is not a place of harmonious living between husband and wife, between partners, between children or roommates, the consequences for our home lives can be devastating. In fact, the physical layout of any room can either enhance or endanger the essential qualities that you have there.

So, where do we even start?

If you were to invite a feng shui expert to arrange your bedroom you might be asked questions about your date of birth and so on – because everything is about calculation. Nevertheless, even without an expert visit, there are a few common, basic principles that you can use.

The position of your bed is the most important consideration. Pay attention to the area directly behind your head when you lie in bed. Make sure it is solid. Leave as much room as you can at the foot of your bed. When lying in bed to the left side of your bed, position tall items such as clothes wardrobe or shelves (left represents male energy). Your right side is best for your low furniture, such as a bedside table or storage chest (the right side represents female energy).

The six sketches below advise you on where to place your bed – and where not to put it – in relation to the door of your bedroom.

Do not put the bed on the wall beside the door where you cannot see who is entering the room. (1)

Do not put the bed in the middle of the room facing the door, this is too exposed. (2)

Don’t put the bed directly opposite the door where it is directly in line with the incoming energy. (3.4)

Last two positions (5.6) are suitable since they are out of the line of incoming energy, but still enable you to keep the door conveniently in sight.

You should pay particular attention to the relationship of your bedroom door to other doors or openings in your home. Energies can easily flow from one room to another if there is a direct line of movement through the doorways. In some homes, the entrance to the bedroom is directly in line with the front door. This is not a good arrangement. Remember, the bedroom should be one of the most private places in your home. Sometimes you can see the layout where the entrance to the bedroom is directly in line with the bathroom or kitchen. These arrangements are unsuitable, mainly because they make the bedroom vulnerable to odours, fumes, and noxious energies.

In addition to the arrangement of your bedroom furniture, all the other aspects of the room must be taken into account –the wall colour, the lightning, the floor covering, decorations, ornaments and plants.

You want to have a bedroom that is as secure as possible.

If you follow this straight forward advice you will improve

your life.

Inessa Liang Cunningham (Feng Shui expert)


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